jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2008


Bueno antes que nada quisiera disculparme con el maestro por no haber hecho el blog a tiempo
y realmente pues,, fue irresponsabilidad de mi parte pero finalmente lo acabe, claro en dos dias
fue bastante pesado,ya que me desvele doos noches, pero pues fue mi culpa por no hacerlo a tiempo.
bueno ya sin cosas tristes, jajaja.....

Bueno quisiera dar mi opinion acerca de este trabajo, yo creo q es un buen metodo para practicar el ingles y mejorarlo. Quiero confesar algo, a mi realmente no me gusta usar mucho la computadora porque no le se y cuando entre al blog por primera vez no sabia ni a donde picarle jiji.
pero ya que aprendi me gusto mucho y pues fue de gran ayuda para nosotros.
Teacher que buenas ideas tiene, como esta de hacer el blog fue muy divertido y entretenido
y valla que si lo fue jiji gusto.

Bueno ya para despedirme me hubiera gustado que nos diera clases otra vez pero pues
ni modo quisiera decirle que es un muy buen maestro que se supo ganar el cariño de todos nosotros aunque aveces pues usted se enojabab y con justa razon pero independientemente de
eso es un exelente maestro .



Nina is my dog she is one year old. My friend Taty gave her to me
on my birthday, now she is growingand plays with everyone in
the family.

she likes to eat met and chicken she eats a lot, nina is very jealous
if someone comes to me she barks annd bites, she is always taking
care of the house and is very clean every time she wants to pi nina
open the door and goes out of the house .

I´looking for a boyfriend for her. jajaja.....

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

A lesson in caring.

In my opinion the little girl was very sensible in her feelings,because she notice that the man
was cold and hungry.
Her father was surprised that his daugther was noticing about suffering and povery.
I think the father was very sensible, when he decided to go with his daugther that sunday to
visitelderly peoples.

Because it was difficult for him to leave his bed, his coffee and newspaper.
What i can see in this report is that when someone invite us as volunteers opportunity
I see that the opportunity is for us to make us change our minds and have the opportunity
to do something enjoyable for others and ourselves.

Endangered species.

All around the world there are many kinds of speciesin danger of extinct
we can to save all the species doing diffrent activities to get the economy
to support some animals.

In accordance to goverments laws this could be effective to have a place
for shelter like zoo to protect them from the" enemies claws".

In my point of view about this topic is that all the people who traffic
or kill any animal should pay in the same way.

Endangered species.

Feel comfortable That´s all that matters.

well in my point of view, I guess that each person has their own way to dress.
The important is that they feel comfortable and try to be yourself. Don´t try to imited other, be the one you are although other people judge the way you dress .

of course you must learn to dress for each ocassion, for example when you go to a wedding, to the beach , to a funeral, to the football game and to the church.

My best friend

My best friend gris and I are diffrents in some kinds of things, but are more in common. we have a friendship since we were childrens and we fight all the time, but now we´re together almost all the day.

There is a diffrence between Gris and me she gets angry very easy and me too, but I´m more peacefull, we get along althougth this diffrence but I put up with because is my best friend.
Gsis and I, spent the most all the time together, in fact we went to villahermosa and chiapas with other friendsand we enjoy exploring new places, we visit palenque Chiapas and Agua azul waterfalls, it was an amaizing experience.

Gris is a person very special for me eventhough we get angry very often, but we had a preatty friendship.